The mobile app that you are viewing is cloud based. You will not find this app in either the ITune (Apple) Store or Google Play Store

Q: What does that mean?

A: It's identical to viewing any other webiste on your phone. The mobile app has it's own url as any website would have. The url of the mobile app

works with any and all mobile internet browsers.

Q: If I save the app to my homescreen, will the app use any of my phone's available memory space?

A: No. The mobile app you viewed was built with Icloud technology thus it is a cloud based app.  No memory space is required.

Q: I have an ANDROID phone. How do I save the mobile app I am viewing to my homescreen? 

A: On the bottom of the mobile app's home screen, Click on the tab (Save 2 Homescreen) that will help you start the easy to follow process.

Q: All phones...Once I have saved the mobile app to my homescreen, how will I find it?

A: Every mobile app has a customized icon that will be saved to your phone's homescreen automatically.

Q: ANDROID Phone Users: How to save the mobie app to your homescreen.


1. If you have previously saved (book marked) a favorite website to your homescreen, the steps are the same except select "Save To HomeScreen"

instead of "Book Mark."

2. If you have not previously saved a website to your homescreen, follow these simple steps:

Depending on the type of ANDROID phone you have, the phone may require you to open a new browser.

Once a new browser is open, you will either need to tap on the 3 (three) vertical dots in the top right corner of your phone or find the "bookmark" icon

that enables you to save a website to your phone..

3. 3 Vertical dots.....Tap on the 3 (three) vertical dots and scroll down to "Add To Home Screen."  

4. If you do not have the 3 (three) vertical dots, find the "book mark" icon on your phone. Depending on the android phone you have, the icon should

be located at the bottom of your homescreen.

5. Tap the icon....DO NOT SELECT "ADD AS BOOKMARK". Select "Add to home screen."



1. The book mark Icon should be located at the bottom of your home screen.

2. Tap the icon and "Add To HomeScreen."